Programs and Features

CPRW meets on the first Saturday of each month. There is a "business" portion of the meeting for about the first hour, followed by a speaker or interactive program. There's also plenty of time to get to know your fellow members before, during, and after the meeting. Anyone who wishes to can attend a group lunch at a nearby restaurant after the meeting.

But as a member, what do you get besides meetings? In 2017, we received the first Chapter Excellence Award (small chapters, under 50 members) from RWA. We believe our membership and the programs we offer on an ongoing basis are the main contributing factors to our receipt of this award. These programs include:

  • A monthly goals program, with prizes and encouragement.
  • Roses and Thorns, where professional successes are celebrated with prizes and rejection is soothed with chocolate, with recognition at the monthly meetings and in the newsletter.
  • 50/50 Challenge twice per year. We write 50 words a day for 50 days, a magnet given to all who achieve it. We collectively wrote over 800,000 words in 50 days last fall!
  • Bi-monthly blasts. Participants meet in our Slack chat room for writing sprints and chat.
  • Bi-monthly classes. Week-long classes on various writing and publishing topics, tailored to meet the ever-changing needs of our membership.
  • Industry professionals showcase. Editors, agents, publicists, cover artists, and more join us online to answer questions about the state of the industry.
  • Networking and support. This manifests in many ways, both formal and informal. The best way to get a sense of whether we're right for you is to attend a meeting.

We'd love for you to attend a meeting and see if we're a good fit for you. See the Upcoming Meetings for the time and location, and visit here to see our programming schedule. If you'd like additional information, please e-mail us at [email protected].